ISAS Email List


What is the ISAS list?

The ISAS list is a dedicated listserv, or electronic mailing list, created to serve the needs of the members of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists. All members in good standing who provide an e-mail address upon joining the Society are automatically added to the ISAS listserv.

What is the purpose of the ISAS list?

The ISAS list is intended to provide the membership with a forum for discussion of the Society's business. As our constitution states, the purpose of ISAS is "to provide all scholars interested in the languages, literatures, arts, history, and material culture of Anglo-Saxon England with support in their research and to facilitate an exchange of ideas and materials within and between the disciplines."

Questions and announcements concerning events, publications and issues of interest to the membership of ISAS are appropriate subjects for posting here. While some overlap may be inevitable, this list is not intended to replace or compete with ANSAXNET, so please observe the rule of thumb: posts should be relevant to the ISAS membership's interests. This list is a moderated list; posts are subject to approval by the list's moderators.


    If you wish to stay subscribed to this listserve, please ensure that your current, working e-mail address is the one listed in the Directory.

    If you are a current member of ISAS subscribed to the mailing list, you may submit a message for posting to all the list members by sending an email to:

    Full instructions on how to use the listserv, including how to change your subscription, unsubscribe, or update your email address may be found by going here:

    Alternatively, you can email the Executive Director (Robin Norris: with such requests.
    Please note that the list is a database-driven list: only members who have been added to the list can post to it, and only the e-mail address submitted may be used to do so. If you have multiple accounts and your mail is forwarded from an address other than the one you have submitted to me, any mail sent to ISAS will bounce. Please use the account you have registered with me to post messages to this list.