Electronic Anglo-Saxon

ISAS Listserv

The ISAS list is a dedicated listserv created to serve the needs of the members of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists. For more information, click here.


Electronic Corpus

The Corpus of Old English is available from the Oxford Text Archive. Search the site for "Old English." You will see among the results of the search, "Complete corpus of Old English." To the right of the entry, select "Request Text." You must send the completed form via mail to Oxford. They will respond via email with a web address from which you may download the entire corpus. To write your own search engine for your home computer, click here.

The York-Toronto-Helsinki parsed corpus of Old English prose (YCOE) is also available. The search engine is here.

To search the ASPR on ISAS, click here.


Digital Books

Google Books has been digitizing the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, New York Public Library, University of California, and Oxford Univeristy. Many of these books are available for free. Due to international copyright restrictions, only those whose internet addresses resolve to American servers will be able to view full texts (this includes anonymous browsers). Needless to say, a great many primary sources are available to Anglo-Saxonists. Click here for a list (please send suggestions to the webmaster).

Hundreds of thousands of books are also available through Internet Archive, which also archives movies, radio shows, and so forth. American and Canadian libraries can be searched here.


Digitized Manuscripts

As part of a project to digitize all mauscripts in Switzerland, the Digital Library of St. Gall now makes its manuscripts available freely. Early Manuscripts at Oxford include many mss. in Balliol, Corpus Christi, Jesus, Magdalen, Merton, and St. John's Colleges and the Bodleian Library. Irish mss, Scripts on Screen; French National Archives; Italian archives of medieval Latin; Russian National Archives, western manuscripts; Startseite for mss in Germany. The Anglo-Saxon Penitentials.


Kristeller's Latin Manuscript Books Before 1600; British Library manuscript catalogue.
M. R. James, catalogues of Trinity College Cam., St. John's College Cam., ....